6 Interesting Facts about Ethereum

Ethereum is not just a fancy name. It is a developing crypto platform since 2013.

Coins are called “ether”.

This platform is open source so it is accessible to the public and everyone in the crypto world loves Ethereum!

If you are not familiar with this, the whole process may seem complicated for a while, but you can be informed as it quickly catches people and can be something that deserves your attention.

Here’s why :

This crypto platform was crowdfunded

Vitalc Buttern is a researcher in the crypto-lite and also a battler programer. His idea of “ethereum sprouted at the end of the year 2013.With the scarcity of resources , he was not able to make it into reality. With the emerging number of artist , he thought that they can be the funder of his project.to further develop and to be able to be launched. To make it short , it become successful in online public sale around July to August of the year 2014 and complete program was delivered by July 30 of the year 2015.

Tech Giants are into Ethereum 

If you’re thinking that there are only couple of individuals investing in the Ethereum , then think again. Because in reality , major companies such as Microsoft , HSBC and Barclays started to palace stake in it as well. They have found ways to use Ethereum in their systems .

Security as its finest 

When you deal with cryptocurrency , security will always be their top priority because we are not talking about 2$ here, we are talking about hundreds to million dollars inside the Ethereum. So exceptional measures have been taken to strengthen the integrity and to protect the platform for possible attacks nor hacker who are trying to penetrate the system. 

Hottest programming tool 

Ethereum is not plainly cryptocurrency. It has codes that has become the standard platform for different decentralized programs. 

Everything from decentralized games to major social networking apps have been created because of  Ether. Basically , to work with Ethereum ,having lots of people you know can be beneficial at you end :mainly for support purposes. 


When it comes to investing, it is risky. Because the ups and down of the graph are solely in the markets’ flow.Aside from this, their Alliance are thinking about upgrading their security to hybridized architectures to help boost the security of Ethereum while promoting it growth. 


Now , Ethereum is mineable which surprisingly according to experts has a faster rate than bitcoin.

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