Ethereum Analysis 2022: Is It Too Late to Buy?

It seems like, thanks to cryptocurrency skyrocketing last year, investing has been a profitable venture for many people. If you missed out on this lucrative trend or have been thinking about getting into it yourself, the post provides an analysis of what might help you decide if it is still worth going after.  

It may seem like a recipe for disaster. The price-to-earnings ratio of Ethereum is crazy. ICOs are crashing and burning every day. But there still could be time to make money before the next bull run comes booming in if you’re willing to take some risk.      

State of ETH Right Now    

According to Finder, it will be bullish through the week of March 21 for Ethereum.    

The conflict in Ukraine gave a short-term spike in crypto demand in Russia. However, this is not sufficient to provide the spike it needs.   

With Biden’s recently released executive order demanding new regulations, this led to a good crypto rally. It may also be a green signal for institutional investors to invest in the crypto market.   

Is it the best time to buy?  

Well, the short answer is – maybe not. But let’s assume you have the courage to do it.  

One thing that we find interesting is that the current low price of Ether is not just the average of several months. Instead, it’s a clear indication of how this market is unique. 

This points to huge uncertainty in this cryptocurrency market. The price could go higher at any time, or it could come crashing down from today’s level again any time soon. To reduce the risk of losing too much money, you should study the current market situation and think about how the market will evolve in the future.  

As a private investor, it’s important to understand the fundamental factors behind Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

To make the most gains, you should buy coins with a strong reputation and high-demand value. Then, you can gain a lot of money from these coins. But it could also lead to losses if you do not study these factors deeply enough.  

Final Thoughts 

Remember that you need a good research team to review all the information and decide. 

As you know, Ethereum is one of the coins with an ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

We personally believe that it will be a bull market in Ethereum during March and April. But if you don’t want to grab such opportunities, don’t be afraid to sell at any time. The current conditions are quite volatile, so it’s best to always wait for a better opportunity before buying again. 

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