Trusted Sites For ETH Trading

If you are investing in Ethereum, it is best to know the trusted sites for ETH trading. ETH uses smart contract technology in the decentralized finance industry. Buying Ethereum is not a big issue because there are different platforms to use. You can buy and sell this crypto from Bitcoin ATMs, brokers, apps, and exchanges.

Cryptocurrency apps – Many crypto exchanges and brokers are using mobile apps for easy trading. Some apps like Paypal and Venmo accept payment when you buy Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency exchanges –  It is the most common option to trade cryptocurrency, including ETR. The good thing about crypto exchanges is that they offer many options to deposit fiat currency. They also offer reasonable fees and cater to several tradable coins.

Cryptocurrency brokers – Using brokers when trading ETR is convenient because it does not require a new exchange account. But keep in mind that they do not provide external wallets for deposits and withdrawal of your crypto assets.

Using those three options when trading,  Ethereum keeps your assets safe from hackers.

Are There Fees Involved When Trading Ethereum?

If you think of trading Ethereum, expect some fees. Different platforms have different charging fees and do not show consistency in the computation of fees.

Deposit fees

When trading ETR, expect that the deposit fees vary depending on the method you will use. However, if you deposit money through bank transfer, it is free. For deposits through credit cards, the fees range from 3% to 5%.

Trading fees

Several crypto exchanges offer lower fees when using their native currency for payment. But sometimes, the trading fee they offer is less transparent until you receive less ETR for your dollars.

Withdrawal fees

When trading ETR, you should pay attention to the withdrawal fees. The fees differ depending on the crypto you are investing in and the platform you are using. Before making a withdrawal, check if the platform has a list of fees. Some investors convert their assets into cheaper crypto prior to withdrawing them.


It is not easy to trade Ethereum. The best thing to do is to study and familiarize how the different options or platforms work. Explore each platform and choose the one that can make good returns from trading cryptocurrency. While you are trading, you can also earn rewards by staking ETH tokens. It is a better way to get passive income that can lead to long-term investment.

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